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The 250 or so photographs in the Eye Witness document elements of Ireland that will soon become footnotes in history books – Corpus Christi processions , turf cutters , novices praying in a convent. Claire O’Mahony The Sunday Tribune

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Kennelly Archive is an entire library, where the shelves are packed with true-life stories waiting to be rescued from the past and released to the present. Colin Lacey Kerry’s Eye

The strength of the Kennelly archive is rooted in the partnership Kennelly had with his photographer wife Joan….she became the backbone of the Kennellys’ businesses which also supplied news photographs and television footage to Irish and international news agencies. Fiona Ness The Sunday Business Post

They are images that tell us who we are and how we lived. The Irish Mail On Sunday

Photographs portraying the big news stories of the day include the discovery of Mossie Moore’s body in a drain near Tralee in 1958…but the greatest nostalgia is provoked by the images of those special moments in the everyday – weddings, funerals, dances and other social events. Grainne Cunningham Irish Independent

Individually the photographs collected here have a clarity and depth that render them as striking as the celebrated Depression era photographs of Dorothea Lange. Keith Duggan The Irish Times

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